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The Integrated Circuits and Systems Design (ICASe) Group in the School of Microelectronic Engineering conducts research in various areas of analogue and digital circuits and systems. Among the potential research topics are such as:

DSC 9475 as Smart Object-1

Analogue and mixed-signal IP design

Possible application: energy harvesting, power management for micro devices, sensors interface circuit, RF design.


Digital circuit and system design

Possible application: FPGA design, arithmetic optimization, reconfigurable computer architectures, bioinformatics.


Energy saving digital signal processing (DSP) architectures

Possible application: biomedical application, autonomous navigation, smart surveillance, wireless sensors network.


Low power algorithm and architecture for wireless multimedia application

Possible application: mobile video communication, image processing, smart video surveillance, autonomous vehicle navigation, wireless sensor video network. 


IP design for System-on-Chip

Possible application: low power mobile communication, multimedia processing.


 The ICASe group welcomes approaches from potential postgraduate students who are interested in studying for MSc or PhD degree with the group. We are also keen on collaborative research with companies and academic groups who share common interest in state-of-the-art research  in the area of analogue and digital integrated circuits.


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