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Publications 2015

1. Ravindran, S., Jambek, A.B., Muthusamy, H., Neoh, S.-C., "A novel clinical decision support system using improved adaptive genetic algorithm for the assessment of fetal well-being", Computational and Mathematical                  Methods in Medicine, 2015

2. Ali Toor, M., Ahmad Hambali, N.A.M., Mansoor, A., Ajiya, M., Yusoff, Z.,"Double Brillouin frequency shifted L-band multi-wavelength Brillouin Raman fiber laser utilizing dual laser cavity", Journal of Optics (United                    Kingdom), 2015
3. Mohamad Shahimin, M., Mohd Rodzi, N.H., Omar, M.F., Poopalan, P., Man, B., Md Nor, M.N., "Hybrid elastomer-nanotube matrix for hydrophobic surface functionalization", Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 2015
4. Murad, S.A.Z., Shahimin, M.M., Md Isa, M.N., Ismail, R.C., Ahmad, N., Yasin, M.N.M., "High linearity 3.0-5.0 GHz ultrawideband CMOS up-conversion mixer with parallel capacitor"IEEE Microwave and Optical Technology      Letters, 2015
5. Ehkan, P., Zakaria, F.F., Warip, M.N.M., Sauli, Z., Elshaikh, M., "Hardware implementation of MFCC-based feature extraction for speaker recognition", Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 2015 
6. Suhaimi, S., Shahimin, M.M., Alahmed, Z.A., Chyský, J., Reshak, A.H., "Materials for enhanced dye-sensitized solar cell performance: Electrochemical application"International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 2015
7. Baharudin, S.N.S., Jambek, A.B., Ismail, R.C., "Design and analysis of a two-stage OTA for sensor interface circuit",  2014 IEEE Symposium on Computer Applications and Industrial Electronics (ISCAIE 2014), 2015 
8. Hamzah, M.H., Jambek, A.B., Hashim, U., "Design and analysis of a two-stage CMOS op-amp using Silterra's 0.13 μm technology"2014 IEEE Symposium on Computer Applications and Industrial Electronics (ISCAIE 2014),              2015
9. Mazlan, M., Al Bakri, A.M.M., Wahab, R., Zulhisyam, A.K., Mohd Sukhairi, M.R., Amini, M.H.M., Mohammad Amizi, A., "Comparison between thermal interface materials made of nano carbon tube (NCT) with Gad Pad 2500      in term of junction temperature by using CFD software, fluent™",Materials Science Forum, 2015 

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