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School of Microelectronic Engineering aims to provide a research environment in which ambitious new and original ideas can flourish and in which every individual member of staff can be research active.

Our research work is centered on four major research groups:

Semiconductor Process and Materials DSC8872

  • Cleanroom design and equipment/ facility hook – up
  • Photolithography and E– Beam lithography process
  • Semiconductor packaging process technology
  • Wafer fabrication process technology
  • Pattern transfer and nano - structure formation 
  • Electronic device fabrication
  • Modeling and simulation of semiconductor devices
  • Microelectronic reliability, testing and failure analysis
  • Microelectronic engineering education
  • Electrical and mechanical characterization of thin film nano-granular structures

 Integrated Circuits and Systems Design

  • Low power low voltage VLSI design 
  • Digital, analogue and mixed signal IC design
  • Reliability and testability in IC design 
  • Design for testability
  • FPGA and standard cell design
  • All-optical signal processing
  • Photonic devices
  • MEMS design
  • RF Front-end design
  • ASIC design
  • System-on-Chip Design

 Photonic System Integration

  • Planar optics devices
  • Integrated optics for biomedical applications
  • Hybrid nano-organic solar cells
  • Fibre optic sensing
  • Organic light emitting transistor
  • Microfluidic structures for biological applications
  • Surface chemistry on optical devices


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