We Are Sad..

We are deeply saddened by the passing of one of our most beloved lecturer, Mrs. Siti Salwa Mat Isa or fondly known as Wawa. As some of you have known, Mrs. Siti Salwa has been battling cancer for the past few years and she was a cancer fighter who never gave up until the end.  

Allahyarhamah Mrs. Siti Salwa was one of our first batch of undergraduate Microelectronic Eng students who graduated in 2006. She was also one of the first natural born leader of UniMAP's (KUKUM) first student representative council (MPP). The 'tepuk UniMAP' was also created by Mrs. Siti Salwa which until now is still being taught to all new UniMAP students during their orientation week. As a lecturer, she treated all her students with compassion and instilled a strong enthusiasm for the pursuit of knowledge among her students. She was always willing to lend an ear to her students whether it be academic or personal family matters. The school's charity program 'D'hati Microe' was also one of Wawa's main charity project where she would always lend a helping hand to other people in need although she was in pain herself. 

Thank you Wawa, the corridors of our school will feel empty without your smile, but we know that you can finally rest now. You'll be missed. We hope PM Dr. Mahyiddin Ramli remain strong during this time, Insya-Allah. Sending out our prayers and doa's to Allahyarhamah Mrs. Siti Salwa Mat Isa.

Al Fatihah.

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